Review of the Conga Club- Rochelle Lessner

The search for the perfect dance floor is over- The opening of the new Conga Club could not have been better. Lines formed around the corner even before the doors opened and the place got packed.   This spot was designed and built purely to be a phenomenal dance and live music venue, and it shows!

Dance Floor at the New Conga Club

Dance Floor at the New Conga Club Photo- Marissa Comella

The specially-designed dance floor is smooth-as-butter and a treat for the eyes. It’s well-configured and the stage is large and semi-circular so you can see the whole band at one time, and feel like you’re dancing right there with them. There is a big balcony overlooking the dance floor for everyone who wants to kick back, watch the floor or enjoy a private moment in a dark corner.

New Conga Club Stage

New Conga Club Stage Photo- Marissa Comella

Local salsa band Barrio Latino opened the Conga Club with two sets of hot Puerto Rican style salsa that had the floor jumping. A great performance by Nelio from Satin-n-Latin got the crowd pumped for many more hours of dancing. There was a phenomenal energy in the place, especially as DJ Roger Rumba thanked his team, celebrated the achievement of a long-standing dream and showed his appreciation to the salsa community here for helping to establish a permanent salsa home in Portland.

Salsa will be happening at the Conga Club every Saturday night, with other styles of music other nights.  The Conga Club will be a full-time venue, so look forward to more special events, live performances, workshops, you name it. Congrats to all at the Conga Club–we look forward to many hours of sweet salsa there and so much more!

Salsa Dancers at the New Conga Club

Salsa Dancers at the New Conga Club Photo- Marissa Comella

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  1. Carlps Elobisbo

    Nice bit of reporting, however I had to click on “Conga Club” highlight to get the address.
    Don’t know when, but I WILL BE THERE!
    Say hello to Miko for me!

  2. Thanks Carlos for the comment and observation on the address. You’re right in the address not being in the article, however it is listed under the Venues page of the website: Thanks again- We’ll see you soon on the dancefloor!

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