PdxSalsa.com is dedicated to creating community amongst Portland Salseras/os by promoting the art of Salsa / Mambo Dancing.  In addition, PdxSalsa is committed to compiling a comprehensive listing of anything having to do with the Latin dance form in the surrounding Metro area.

If you are a Salsa- venue owner, instructor, band, DJ, event promoter, who would like to have something announced please feel free to get in touch with us by submitting in the comments form below.  Also feel free to use the following images to link to us and likewise we’ll get you listed if we haven’t already!

PdxSalsa is volunteer driven.

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  1. Please include my email or my cell 503-515-4133 if is possible,after my name under D.JS….I am D,J DORU, Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for your support of live Latin music in the Northwest. We hope you will join Bobby and the Ensemble at Jimmy Mak’s this Saturday September 4th. Carole Torres

  3. Hi Carole- Bobby has been a pillar for Portland’s Salsa scene that has withstood the test of time. We echo your call to PdxSalsa’s community to come out and support live music!

  4. Doru- Thanks for visiting the site old man;-p. Lets talk about the info, about your DJing, that you’d like posted.

  5. :grin: Love this site. I’m really happy you FB’d me about it because I’d forgotten the URL!! Thanks for the great dance last night at ML.
    Until next time on the dance floor. xo

  6. Hi Tatiana- always a pleasure ;-)

  7. Hello! Been using and loving your sight. Thanks for the hard work! This is Joshua Faulkner and I’m hoping to get listed on your instructors page. My business phone is 503-681-2841. My business e-mail is joshua@tasteofrhythm.com and my website is http://tasteofrhythm.com. Look forward to hearing from you!

  8. Hi Joshua,

    Glad I met you last Thursday night. I have you listed on the Instructors’ page with a pop up link to your website and also under links which goes directly to the Taste of Rhythm website. Looking forward to having you back in the PdxSalsa community!


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